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ValuLogix: Tracking ROI Beyond Acquisition

The ValuLogix platform tracks and reports on in-depth marketing data that other ROI reporting systems fail to provide. ValuLogix will track your customer’s actions AFTER you acquire them and trace everything (CRM, Refunds, Chargebacks, Customer Service Costs, Repeat Sales) back to your original campaign SEM, SEO, keyword, banner, email ad, newsletter! Spend your marketing dollars where they are making the most profits, not just the most sales!

  • Easy Set Up

    Easy Set Up

    Implementation is a snap – We support Pixels and Get/Post

  • Secure


    Keep your customer information safe on your own secure hosted servers.

  • Fast


    Instant, real-time profit reporting for your marketing campaigns.

  • Detailed


    Gives you a TrueROI on all your campaigns

  • What is our web app?

    What is ValuLogix?

    ValuLogix is the first ROI tracking platform that tracks all your revenue and expenses back your original campaign and predicts the lifetime value of your customers in real-time.

  • How does our app work?

    How does ValuLogix work?

    Simply place our tracking code on your current website and ValuLogix will track and project your customers’ lifetime value – All traced back to your original campaign keyword, banner, email ad, newsletter, etc. Access your real-time reporting at anytime, anywhere – see your bottom line profits and TrueROI instantly.

  • Why do you need it?

    Why do you need ValuLogix?

    If you aren’t tracking what your customers are doing AFTER they buy, you’re losing profits on every sale. With ValuLogix, you will instantly know the success of your marketing efforts down to the specific campaign that generated your customer. Optimize the campaigns that are making you the most money over the lifetime of a customer and cut out the ones that might be losing you money!

Traffic Report
Ad Revenue Report
Sub ID Report
* Limited to one month per account where the ValuLogix platform has been fully integrated.